Guided Biotics®


Guided Biotics® is a technology platform that uses CRISPR-Cas systems to precisely edit the genes of specified bacteria within a microbiome and to regulate the metabolic functions of microbes in a microbiome.

Although CRISPR is widely known for its genome-editing applications in plants and animals, Guided Biotics® employs CRISPR-Cas technology in a unique manner by leveraging its natural function within living organisms

CRISPR-Cas is a natural defence system that evolved in bacteria to protect against invading viruses and plasmids. CRISPR-Cas systems can be used to kill undesirable bacteria by degrading their DNA at specific locations; thereby inactivating or eliminating the targeted pathogen.

It is important to note that CRISPR-Cas is active in all living organisms, contributing to the gut microbiome function in both humans and animals.

CRISPR technology is safe, precise, and effective, especially when utilized in the bacterial environment where it naturally evolved.

During the development of the technology platform FOLIUM Science has solved delivery, efficacy, targeting and cost-in- use to ensure we can provide farmers the right tools at the right time.


Guided Biotics® uses CRISPR to identify and target specific sequences of DNA in the target unwanted bacteria unlike traditional antibiotics which kill microbes indiscriminately.


Guided Biotics® are designed to be exquisitely specific in targeting the unique sequences of DNA that are only found in the target unwanted bacteria.

When applied in Animal Health and Nutrition, Guided Biotics® can be delivered to animals in drinking water or feed via friendly bacteria or friendly viruses.


FOLIUM Science has expanded their Guided Biotics® technology to work with the microbiome of the animal gut. Here, the aim is to reduce the production of chemical “metabolites” which are harmful to the animal and our environment, whilst retaining those metabolites that are beneficial to a healthy and balanced microbiome.

The unique effect of this application is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the nutritional value and, therefore feed conversion rates by releasing nutrients more effectively for the animal to utilise, making the production system of animals more sustainable for future generations.


By repurposing the same proprietary Guided Biotic® technology, FOLIUM Science is able to quickly detect pathogens in a production environment, reducing the time it takes to identify an infection in a flock of poultry or a herd of swine from 5 days to one hour.

Products are in development that can identify Salmonella, Clostridium and Listeria.


FOLIUM Science operates a rapid and agile product management process that enables the team to develop early proof of concepts to demonstrate desire biological outcomes whilst ensuring application needs and marketing claims are preserved.

It you wish to work with us on any problem or gap in your product portfolio, please contact our business development team. We would be happy to assist in providing a proposal for any one of our product ranges.

We work with regional and multinational contract manufacturers and distributors across key territories in animal nutrition where licences can be provided for our proprietary technology Guided Biotics®


FOLIUM Science has developed unique Guided Biotics to selectively remove unwanted bacteria from livestock.  Priority targets for poultry applications are Salmonella (all serotypes) and other zoonotic, performance reducing, spoilage and wastage bacteria.

In partnership with the University of Bristol and the Quadram Institute of Bioscience, FOLIUM Science is in a position to launch their first product range, BiomElix.


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