Introducing FLOURISH

FLOURISH is being offered as a carve out investment opportunity by FOLIUM Science to commercialise the proof of product concept that was established with the support of John Innes Centre from 2018 – 2021.

FLOURISH is a new type of crop protection and seed treatment that will improve yields and boost productivity

FLOURISH is seeking £5 – £10m investment to develop the Guided Biotics® technology in bio-stimulants for crop protection and seed treatment and to extend its IP.


FOLIUM Science’s Guided Biotics technology has the ability to modulate the microbiome of plants, seeds and soils.

Foliage sprays for plants
Seed coatings
Soil bio-stimulants

With 12 million acres of tomatoes planted globally, the opportunity for a technology that can defend plants from fungal and bacterial attack and improve yields is enormous.

The use of natural biological systems gives the technology great commercial scope as it is considered non-GM by regulatory authorities such as Brazil. The use of phage particles is already generally regarded as safe by most major territories

The global crop protection market is valued at over £50bn of which bio-stimulants are worth £3bn and growing at 15% CAGR. FOLIUM Science has the potential to take 10% of this market. Target geographies are US, Brazil, SE Asia, India and Europe.

The precise mode of action of the Guided Biotic technology removes unwanted bacteria and generates space for “good” bacteria to colonize plants.

The precise microbiome management and the targeting of specific microbes encourages a natural healthy microbiome and improves yield.

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