FOLIUM Science included in Department for Internatioinal Trade “One Health” initiative

FOLIUM Science, alongside other leading UK science and technology businesses is proud to be part of an initiative that showcases the UK’s world-class science and research capabilities to address global challenges and build a future which is greener, safer, and healthier.

The brochure has been produced by the Department for International Trade (DIT) and is to be launched at the World One Health Congress in Singapore and IHF World Hospital Congress in Dubai.

The aim of the initiative is to attract investors and collaborators from around the world. The UK offers one of the strongest and most productive health, life, agricultural and environmental science sectors in the world with a high concentration of world leading talent, reference laboratories, innovative research programmes, and ample opportunities for value creation through partnering, deal-making or investment.

FOLIUM Science is well placed to tackle two of the global challenges
highlighted by the ONE HEALTH initiative. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and climate change are both enormous challenges for animal farming. The animal’s gut bacteria are central to both gas emissions and an unhealthy microbiome.

FOLIUM Science’s patented technology, “Guided Biotics®”
improves gut health by removing unwanted bacteria and regulating its metabolism. Guided Biotics® reduce the need to use antibiotics, reduce GHG emissions and improve productivity for our farming community.

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