Innovative biotech
for a safer world
of food

We create

Innovative CRISPR-Cas biotechnology called Guided Biotics®

We harness

Natural biological systems to modulate the microbiome of animals

We deliver

Precise Bacterial Control, Microbiome Modulators and Diagnostic Biosensors

We transform

Agricultural productivity, whilst protecting the environment


FOLIUM Science has developed a ground-breaking CRISPR-Cas based biotechnology called Guided Biotics®, which harnesses natural biological systems to modulate the microbiomes of animals. This technology specifically targets and eliminates harmful microbes and bacteria, while preserving the beneficial ones, resulting in a healthier animal gut.

Conventional approaches for addressing bacterial infections often involve antibiotics and chemicals, which contribute to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and indiscriminately kill microbes. Guided Biotics® offers an environmentally friendly and targeted alternative that helps to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by the planet.

  • Guided Biotics® reduces the need for antibiotics in farmed animals, thus significantly lowering the risk of AMR and the emergence of more multi-drug resistant strains.
  • Guided Biotics® can help decrease the level of gastric emissions produced by farmed animals by modulating their microbiomes and eradicating harmful bacteria.
  • By improving animal health, Guided Biotics® directly impacts agricultural productivity. Bacterial infections, such as Salmonella or E.coli, pose risks to human health and generate waste in the food supply chain, as infected animals become unfit for consumption.




Feed additive for poultry that delivers
precise bacterial control.

Targets all Salmonella serotypes.
In development for launch in
selected territories in 2025


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